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Dead Guy Whiskey by Rogue Brewing

by Joseph
Dead Guy Whiskey

Dead Guy Whiskey

The Rogue Brewing company has a handy side business manufacturing spirits in addition to the craft beers that they’re more well known for. One of those spirits is Dead Guy Whiskey, which the company advertises as being made from “the same three malts as Rogue’s Platinum medal-winning Dead Guy Ale.”

Rogue’s Dead Guy Whiskey is said to have a prominent citrus aroma, as well as flavor notes of oak, honey, and vanilla. It’s twice distilled in copper stills before being aged in barrels of American oak for about three months prior to hitting the bottle, in case you’re interested in those kinds of processes.

For a lot more information on Dead Guy Whiskey, check out Rogue’s website here, which includes a cocktail recipe calling for the stuff. There’s also a link to the company’s online store, where you can find which online retailers carry Dead Man Whiskey, priced at about $45 a bottle.

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