Home Entertainment ‘De Palma’: Documentary Covers Career of Iconic ‘Scarface’ Director (Video)

‘De Palma’: Documentary Covers Career of Iconic ‘Scarface’ Director (Video)

by Joseph
De Palma

De Palma

Brian De Palma may very well be the greatest living movie director, having lent unparalleled style and richness to movies like Scarface, Blow Out, Body Double, and many more. So a documentary about the man and his films is a huge deal, and now we have the simply-titled De Palma and a trailer for same.

De Palma is the work of another famous director (and well-known De Palmaniac) Noah Baumbach, who has been given in-depth access to the filmmaker for an interview that covers his entire career, his background, his philosophies, and more. At bare minimum, this will be the most visually stunning movie documentary of the year for reason of the wealth of clips alone.

The only flaw with the trailer for De Palma, which you can watch below, is that Phantom of the Paradise is misidentified as Phantom of Paradise. If you can forgive them for that, you can see the movie when it comes out on September 30th of this year.

Here’s the trailer:


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