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‘De-dimension’: 2D/3D Furniture by Jongha Choi (Video)

by Joseph


Furniture that hangs flat against the wall but that can be taken down and used as regular furniture is the kind of thing people make cartoons about, but designer Jongha Choi has made it a reality with a collection of furniture entitled De-dimension. The concept behind these pieces is simple: They can be converted from flat, two-dimensional objects to functional three-dimensional ones.

It might be hard to imagine, so it’s a good thing that Choi has made a video to demonstrate how they work. Basically, when folded, the pieces in the collection look like flat representations of the furniture they become when you unfold them. It’s a very cool idea, and hopefully one that will make the transition from senior thesis (which it is now) to an actual available product.

You can see De-dimension in action below. And for more of Jongha Choi’s design work, head over to the artist’s official page on Vimeo right here.

Here’s the video:


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