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DC Originals Tech Collection From Casetify and Colette

by Joseph
DC Originals Tech Collection

DC Originals Tech Collection

Just as it sometimes takes a lot of superheroes to conquer a specifically dangerous threat to humanity, it’s taken a lot of cooperative entities to create¬†this DC Originals Tech Collection. DC Comics and its corporate overlord Warner Bros., for one, but also Casetify and Colette have all teamed up to bring us this capsule collection of accessories for various Apple devices.

The Casetify x Colette DC Originals Tech Collection includes shock-absorbing iPhone 6 cases, MacBook sleeves, and various Apple Watch bands, all featuring the likenesses of either Batman or Superman rendered in the familiar Colette blue color scheme. And if you can’t decide which superhero is best, good news: You can exchange backplates featuring both with just one iPhone case (good luck with that movie that’s in theaters now, though).

Ranging in price between $40 and $70, the DC Originals Tech Collection from Casetify and Colette can be shopped at the Casetify online store right here.

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