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DC Entertainment Declares July 23, 2014 “Batman Day”

by Joseph
Batman Day (Photo via DC Entertainment)

Batman Day (Photo via DC Entertainment)

It might be hard to believe given how much time he spends jumping across rooftops and beating up bad guys, but Batman is 75 years old this year. Never one to pass up a good promotional opportunity, DC Entertainment (formerly DC Comics) has declared today Batman Day.

The date, July 23rd, doesn’t hold any preexisting significance in Gotham City, but was instead chosen because it’s also the date of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. It’s an appropriate choice, given that the first San Diego Comic-Con came into existence back in the 60s thanks in part to the popularity of the 1966 Batman TV series.

As for the Batman Day festivities, they seem to be mostly retail promotions and events specific to Comic-Con. And over the weekend, DC says there will be Batman Day events in public libraries all across the country. You can read more about Batman Day here, and you can celebrate by giving your parents a call, just to say hi.

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