Home Entertainment “Daydreaming”: Radiohead Drops Another Video, Announces Album (Video)

“Daydreaming”: Radiohead Drops Another Video, Announces Album (Video)

by Joseph


With the release of “Burn the Witch” this week, most Radiohead fans (or Radioheads, as I assume many of them must identify themselves) knew there was more in the recent future from the band. And so it is, with “Daydreaming,” another song/video pairing, this one directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and accompanied by the official announcement of a new album dropping this Sunday.

The video for “Daydreaming” stars Thom Yorke wandering around lost and going through a variety of doors, with a lot of fluid tracking shots courtesy of Mr. Anderson. Then Thom finally finds his destination—a cave in the snow—and goes to sleep.

If that didn’t spoil you on the video for “Daydreaming” you can watch it in full below. And according to the band’s now-reinstated social media accounts, we can look forward to their new album this Sunday afternoon, when it’s set to hit streaming services like Spotify.

Here’s the video:

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