Home Entertainment ‘David Fincher’s Extreme Close-Ups’ (Video)

‘David Fincher’s Extreme Close-Ups’ (Video)

by Joseph
David Fincher's Extreme Close-Ups

David Fincher's Extreme Close-Ups

It’s possible that if you’ve spent any time watching the films of David Fincher, you’ve felt yourself becoming strangely uncomfortable, without knowing why. One possible explanation is offered in a new supercut David Fincher’s Extreme Close-Ups by Jacob T. Swinney.

As the title states, David Fincher’s Extreme Close-Ups is a compendium of all the times Fincher decided the camera should be jammed up real close to the subject of the shot: A person’s face, maybe, or some other body part, or something else altogether. His frequent use of this type of shot ties into his confrontational movie-making style.

It’s a little bit NSFW in a rated-R kind of way, but you can check out David Fincher’s Extreme Close-Ups below. And for more cinema goodness in this vein from Mr. Swinney, take a look at his other stuff on his Vimeo account right here.

Here are the extreme close-ups (WARNING: VERY EXTREME):

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