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Darwin Tank Jellyfish Aquarium

by Joseph
The Darwin Tank

The Darwin Tank

I bet you never dreamed when you went to that sushi place at the mall that you could own a jellyfish aquarium just like they have in your very own home. But now you can, in the form of the new Darwin Tank by The Darwin Sect.

The Darwin Tank, somewhat contrarily to its namesake, is designed to assist the weak-swimming jellyfish to thrive in captivity for your viewing and meditating pleasure, with its StreamMaker pump that harmlessly aspirates the water. Other features include the Dr. No-like magnifying dome and built-in LEDs for atmospheric jellyfish shadowplay.

The Darwin Tank is currently attempting to become fit enough to survive in the challenging ecosystem of Kickstarter, where for the next six days you can pre-order yours starting at $1,500 at the product’s listing right here. Jellyfish are not included in that price, so you’ll need to make your own arrangements wherever jellyfish are sold (pet stores??) in order to enjoy it.

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