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Darth Vader Oven Mitt From ThinkGeek

by Joseph
Darth Vader Oven Mitt

Darth Vader Oven Mitt

Look, either you can visualize yourself using the Darth Vader Oven Mitt or you can’t. I get paid the same whether you buy one or not, so frankly I don’t care – but honestly, as oven mitts go, it seems to be pretty cool. And as Star Wars tie-in products go, it’s probably more functional than like 90 percent of the pack.

The Darth Vader Oven Mitt from ThinkGeek is constructed from stylish black silicone, and it looks like a puffier version of Darth‘s signature black gauntlets, perfect for taking a hot pie out of the oven or crushing an incompetent underling’s windpipe. The only problem is they only make right-handed versions, so left-handed Star Wars obsessed baking enthusiasts will have to look for other options.

But the rest of you can check out the Darth Vader Oven Mitt at the official ThinkGeek online store right here, where it’s priced at just under $15.

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