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Darkr: Photo App Seeks to Replicate Darkroom Experience

by Joseph


I watched a lot of TV shows as a kid, and one of the aspects of adult life that intrigued me the most in my misspent youth of watching detective shows, sitcoms, and movies was the photography darkroom. Unfortunately, by the time I actually became an adult, the darkroom became much less common thanks to digital photography and other technological advances, but now there’s the Darkr app that will purportedly let me live out my darkroom fantasies.

Darkr is a photo app that seeks to replicate the experience of developing photos in a darkroom on your smartphone. It gives you a camera roll of “negatives,” that can then be used to create digital test strips for editing the selected image. It also has multiple camera modes for simulating different types of analog cameras, and all the images captured with the app are in good old-fashioned black and white. Plus, you can use it with the lights on.

You can download Darkr for your iOS device free right here.

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