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‘Daredevil’ Global GIF Created by INSA and Netflix (Video)

by Joseph
Daredevil Global GIF

Daredevil Global GIF

“GIF-iti” artist INSA and Netflix have collaborated on a promotional project for the Netflix original series Daredevil that goes far beyond the usual realm of viral video spots into something that’s actually pretty cool, even if you don’t care about blind lawyers-turned-vigilantes or insane and overweight crime lords. It’s called the Daredevil Global GIF.

According to Netflix, this is the first animated GIF with production across the globe — think of the Daredevil Global GIF as the Sense8 of GIFs. Given that, it makes sense that it would look like a globe, and the fact that it’s promoting Daredevil almost seems superfluous. But if it makes you want to watch Daredevil, I guess that’s a desirable side-effect.

You can see a ponderous video about the making of the Daredevil Global GIF by INSA below, which includes the finished product at the end of the video. And for more from the United States and Canada wing of everyone’s favorite online streaming service, head over to the Netflix US and Canada YouTube channel right here. You can expect global unity to start taking hold any day now.

Here’s the video:

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