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Dango Tactical Wallet: “Redefining the Wallet”

by Joseph
Dango Tactical Wallet

Dango Tactical Wallet

Generally if you want to win a fight with a wallet, the process simply involves taking all your cash and credit cards out, handing them over to your assailant, and hoping for the best. But the Dango Tactical Wallet offers a more direct approach, with a multi-tool that also has a lot of non-violent applications.

The Dango Tactical Wallet’s killer app is the removable chassis available in both raw and anodized aluminum, which holds not just the wallet but the associated multi-tool and its more than ten functions (including a serrated saw, bottle opener, hex wrench, and much more). The removability aspect is especially important for frequent travelers, since it is very much against TSA on-flight regulations.

You can read all about the Dango Tactical Wallet, as well as Dango’s other innovative wallets, at the brand’s Kickstarter listing right here. Pre-orders start at just under $40, and since the first shipment is scheduled for next month it may just be among the last purchases you make with your boring old traditional wallet.

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