Home Entertainment Dan Bilzerian Shares His “Heart Attack Story” With ‘All In’ (Video)

Dan Bilzerian Shares His “Heart Attack Story” With ‘All In’ (Video)

by Joseph
Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian

Professional poker player Dan Bilzerian is one of those guys who lives life so fully that it makes up for the rest of us watching TV all the time. He recently shared a bit of his illustrious life stories with poker magazine All In as part of their “Off The Felt” interview series.

Dan Bilzerian’s “Off The Felt” interview includes a bonus story about the time he suffered two heart attacks during an encounter with a prostitute. To get to that point he ingested a magical combination of cocaine and erectile aids, which explains why he’s now in the very exclusive “double heart attack before 30” club.

You can watch Dan Bilzerian tell his “Heart Attack Story” to a group of worshipful onlookers in the video below. And for more video features from All In, including Bilzerian’s “Off The Felt” episode, check out the magazine’s YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video:

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