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Dakine Party Bucket: Show Your Bucket How to Have Fun

by Joseph
Dakine Party Bucket

Dakine Party Bucket

A wise man once said “it’s always nice to have a dad-gum bucket.” But where he was referring mostly to a bucket’s practical uses in the home, Dakine has come out with an accessory that shows a typical five-gallon bucket how have a good time. It’s called the Dakine Party Bucket.

Putting aside any semantic concerns regarding the fact that the Dakine Party Bucket isn’t actually a bucket but instead a kind of sleeve that fits over a bucket, you can think of the Party Bucket as a sort of leisure suit for buckets. It includes eight beer koozies insulated for optimum cold, a snack pocket, a wine bottle holster, a bottle opener, plenty of room for ice and stray beers, and yes – a second pocket for wine.

The Dakine Party Bucket is priced at $55 in a variety of colors at the Dakine online store here. Bucket not included – but once you get one, you never have to worry about your bucket feeling like it’s not included ever again.

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