Home Entertainment ‘Daft Punk Unchained’ Documentary Featuring Kanye West and More (Video)

‘Daft Punk Unchained’ Documentary Featuring Kanye West and More (Video)

by Joseph
Daft Punk Unchained

Daft Punk Unchained

If you’re a fan of electronic music duo Daft Punk, you probably don’t need any extra reason to watch a documentary about them and their incredible body of work. But if you’re on the fence, or interested in getting into the group for the first time, you might be interested in Daft Punk Unchained, an upcoming documentary that will focus on their collaborations with names like Pharrell, Kanye West, Nile Rodgers, and more.

Daft Punk Unchained was produced by BBC Worldwide France and will be shown on French TV channel CANAL+ later this month. After that, you can expect it to be available worldwide, in one form or another.

For now, you can watch a short teaser trailer for Daft Punk Unchained below. And for more from CANAL+, including information on the upcoming documentary (like how you can watch it), head to the channel’s official site right here.

Here’s the video:


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