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Finally, You Can Get Your Own Daft Punk Helmet

by Joseph
Daft Punk Helmet

Daft Punk Helmet

Daft Punk’s new album, Random Access Memories, is quickly becoming the album of the summer. And what better way to proclaim your Daft Punk loyalty during these sweaty and sultry months than by wearing a heavy, black Daft Punk helmet—the kind which is now for sale.

The helmets are not official Daft Punk merchandise, but they are designed to closely resemble the famous helmets worn by the French electronic duo during their stage shows. They’re constructed from urethane plastic and chrome, and come with a detachable LED message scroller that fits across the visor.

You can head here to buy a Daft Punk helmet for yourself. But you might want to wait until payday, as these babies cost around $500 each.

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