Home Entertainment Daft Punk And Durex Release “Get Lucky” Condoms

Daft Punk And Durex Release “Get Lucky” Condoms

by Joseph
Daft Punk condoms

Daft Punk condoms

If you’re sick of simply singing along to Daft Punk‘s summer hit single, “Get Lucky,” and are ready to start living it, the band has an unusual piece of merchandise for you: “Get Lucky” condoms.

The French electronic duo has teamed up with Durex to release the product. In order to promote the unusual items, Durex has been sending samples out to various DJs, including Diplo, who posted a picture of a pack on Instagram along with the caption, “Thank god I had those daft punk condoms last night.”

The Daft Punk “Get Lucky” condoms aren’t the only piece of Daft Punk tie-in merchandise to come out this summer, but they may be the strangest. Watch for them wherever shameless products are sold.

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