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D2 Pilot Watch From Garmin

by Joseph
Garmin D2 Pilot Watch

Garmin D2 Pilot Watch

New from Garmin comes a watch especially for all the time-conscious aviators out there. It’s the D2 Pilot Watch, which combines all the features of a regular aviator watch with a bunch of GPS features that are typical of Garmin products.

The new cutting edge of watch technology means you can do stuff with the D2 that would seem impossible only a few years ago, like loading entire flight plans onto the watch and viewing them on a map on the watch’s face. Another interesting gadget is the NRST button that, once activated, automatically guides you to the nearest airport in case of emergency.

If you’ve got a gassed up plane as well as $450 to spend, head to Garmin’s online store here to buy a D2 Pilot Watch for yourself.

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