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Cyclotron: Futuristic Bike Inspired by ‘Tron’

by Joseph


“Cyclo lives!” These are the words said by Space Ghost‘s arch-enemy Cyclo, but they could also serve as a passable slogan for a new futuristic bike that was clearly inspired by another science-fiction masterpiece: Tron. It’s called the Cyclotron, and its sleek lightcycle-like look is in keeping with its futuristic functionality as well.

That’s because the Cyclotron isn’t just a sleek-looking ride. It also boasts a dual halo LED lighting system right in its spokeless (!) wheels, as well as a laser bike lane projector for nighttime navigation. Its self-charging Li-ion battery pack can keep those lights running for up to eight hours on a charge, and it syncs up with the user’s smartphone to track all kinds of cycling data and prevent theft. It also boasts the ability to switch from a speedy road bike mode to a more leisurely cargo bike mode in just a few seconds’ time.

But still, the most important thing about the Cyclotron is how darn cool it looks, as you can see in the photo up at the top. And for a lot more information, check out the bike’s Kickstarter campaign right here, where pre-orders are now starting at about $1350.

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