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Cut To: Posters Celebrate the Art of Screenwriting

by Joseph
Cut To

Cut To

The modern-day film buff faces a few pressing dilemmas if he or she decides to hang a poster or two on their wall – do you go with a popular favorite like The Godfather or The Empire Strikes Back and risk being dismissed as a middlebrow poseur, or do you go with an obscure classic like Liquid Sky or Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence and have to attempt to explain to everyone who comes over what a “badge of silence” is? Cut To: is a poster shop on Etsy that offers a clear, novel alternative to the usual approach to movie posters.

Cut To: posters are taken not from marketing materials for movies, or from images in the movies themselves, but from particularly famous or noteworthy sections of the film’s screenplay – some of Yoda and Luke’s dialogue in Empire, as one example.

A variety of films in different genres are included, and you can even request a custom job at the Cut To: brand’s Etsy shop right here.

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