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Custom NERF Rifle Built by Adam Savage (Video)

by Joseph
Custom NERF Rifle

Custom NERF Rifle

Adam Savage, formerly of Mythbusters, has a web series called Adam Savage’s One Day Builds, in which be outlines projects that he completes in, you guessed it, a single day. A cool one he did recently for a “Secret Santa” gift is a custom Nerf rifle that looks a lot like a real weapon, but it only fires Nerf darts instead of lethal ammunition.

Adam Savage’s custom Nerf rifle began its life as a standard Nerf Long Strike, but after Savage was done it had been completely revamped, with a completely new mechanical system, sniper scope, and weathered yellow paint job like something out of The Fifth Element. 

You can see how it all went down by checking out Adam Savage’s custom Nerf rifle being built from beginning to end below. And for more cool projects from Adam Savage, check out the Tested YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video:

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