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Custom “4eezy” Air Jordan IVs

by Joseph
4eezy Air Jordan IV
4eezy Air Jordan IV4eezy Air Jordan IV4eezy Air Jordan IV


The legendary Nike Air Yeezy 2 is a difficult model sneaker to recapture in a custom design, due to its unusual color scheme. But one designer (who goes by “jlin1314” on his Instagram account here) has succeeded in this feat with his custom 4eezy Air Jordan IVs.

Using a pair of black “Bred” Air Jordan IVs as a base, jlin created a worthy custom companion to the Air Yeezy 2. He even nailed the Yeezy 2’s distinctive solar red interior, and no one except the designer himself seems to know how he did it.

You can check out some pictures of the custom “4eezy” Air Jordan IV in the gallery at the top.

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