Home Entertainment ‘Cursing Without Cursing’ Supercut Demonstrates Power of Minced Oaths (Video)

‘Cursing Without Cursing’ Supercut Demonstrates Power of Minced Oaths (Video)

by Joseph
Cursing Without Cursing

Cursing Without Cursing

As last night’s Republican debate definitively proved, we live in a coarsened era. But before that, people on TV and in the movies had to find creative substitutes for things like swearing — a lost art that is celebrated by a new Burger Fiction supercut called Cursing Without Cursing.

Cursing Without Cursing appears to take most, if not all, of its clips from theatrical feature films, which is a shame, because the clear master of the form is obviously James Garner on The Rockford Files, who was able to make phrases like “oh, man!” and “come on!” sound like legitimate rated-R swears. But Carrie Fisher and George Clooney are pretty good at it, too.

Judge for yourself by watching Cursing Without Cursing below. And for more cool, uh, stuff from Burger Fiction, just check out those fine laser brains at their official YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the (extremely SFW, except for the very last clip) video:


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