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‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Might Come Back, According to J.B. Smoove (Video)

by Joseph
Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David‘s greatest ally in his perpetual war on society, J.B. Smoove (aka Leon Black), was recently the subject of an interview on The Rich Eisen Show. Predictably, he got asked about whether LD was going to do another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but unpredictably, the answer wasn’t a firm “no”:

“[Larry] starts off with his little, ‘Ehhhhh, you know, I’m thinking about coming back.’ But see, that’s great because he has not said no, which puts us in a great position for possibilities…that means it’s still going. If Larry does not say no, there’s a possibility he may say yes. And then he went extra. He said, ‘If I do come back, would you be available?’ I said, ‘You know something Larry, I’ll be available. just call me, give me early notice, and I’ll be there.’ I’ll move anything to the side for Curb Your Enthusiasm, which would be a fabulous thing to do. Season nine would be fabulous.”

This is pretty, pretty, pretty good news for anyone who loves Curb, even if the show doesn’t end up coming back. That’s because it confirms what every fan has always hoped: That Larry and J.B. are actually friends in real life. But hopefully the show will be coming back, and you can see Smoove talking Curb’s possible future in the video below.

Here’s hoping:

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