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Cups Coffee: Coffee Pods Perfected

by Joseph
Cups Coffee

Cups Coffee

Keurig and other comparable single-serving coffee pod brands are mighty convenient, but they carry a host of inevitable downsides that go along with that convenience. From a coffee lover’s (and not an environmentalist’s) point of view, one of the biggest of those downsides is the fact that the coffee inside the K-Cups isn’t fresh – a problem that goes away if one were to subscribe to Cups Coffee.

Cups Coffee is a new coffee pod subscription service that delivers the “world’s freshest roasted coffee pods delivered right to your door for just a dollar a day.” The coffee is roasted in small batches and stuffed into recyclable (so maybe environmentalists have reason to cheer this after all) K-Cups than you can use in your Keurig machine just like normal. The difference, hopefully, will come through when you drink the coffee.

Read up on Cups Coffee at the brand’s somewhat struggling Kickstarter here, where you can sign up to get a product trial sample starting at just five bucks.

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