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Crystal Pepsi Poised for a Comeback

by Joseph
Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi

Here’s some good proof that nostalgia can redeem just about anything: People missĀ Crystal Pepsi. Despite widespread testimony that it tastes bad and it being kind of a creepy idea to begin with (it’s supposed to taste just like Pepsi but it’s transparent instead of whatever color Pepsi is), the #BringBackCrystalPepsi social media campaign has caught the attention of Pepsi’s corporate HQ, and the company has hinted online that the clear stuff will be making a return soon.

It’s all thanks to the efforts of L.A. Beast, a competitive eater also known as Kevin Strahle, who lobbied hard for Crystal Pepsi’s return and is now being rewarded:

Official word on the details of Crystal Pepsi’s return is still to come, so keep your eyes on Pepsi’s official site here for more information. Now, if we could just get a #BringBackPepsiBlue campaign to gain a similar momentum, we’d really be set.

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