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Crystal Houses From MVRDV (Photos)

by Joseph
Crystal Houses

Architecture firm MVRDV have unveiled a new construction technique that could change the way storefronts and other retail spaces are thought of around the world. Right now, though, the only example of Crystal Houses in the flesh is in Amsterdam, where a “high-end flagship store” found in the city’s shopping district has a completely transparent facade.

Crystal Houses are almost completely transparent, thanks to novel construction elements like a clear adhesive that does the work of opaque mortar, and bricks made out of solid glass. The resultant structure fits onto an existing traditional building, but in the future there could be entire buildings made using the Crystal House techniques.

For now, you can check out Crystal Houses at MVRDV’s official site right here, even if you’re not going shopping on PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam any time soon. You can also check out a few photos from MVRDV in the gallery below.

Crystal HousesCrystal HousesCrystal Houses



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