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Crosshatch Aluminum Wallet From Sapling

by Joseph
Crosshatch Aluminum Wallet

Crosshatch Aluminum Wallet

If you’re not only sick of your wallet, but sick of the whole concept of wallets in general, the people at Sapling have a novel alternative to the traditional wallet that just might set off the next metal detector you walk through. It’s the Crosshatch Aluminum Wallet.

Every Crosshatch Aluminum Wallet is crafted from a single block of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, and is designed with maximum sleekness and comfort in mind. It’s much slimmer than a typical wallet, even after you cram all your money and credit cards into it.  And it’s even comparable in price to a moderately-priced traditional wallet, so you may still have some money left to put inside it after you get one.

To be more specific, the Sapling Crosshatch Aluminum Wallet is priced at just under $55 at retailers like the Cool Material Shop right here, where it comes in three different varieties—silver, gold, and black.

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