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Crosley Revolution Portable USB Turntable

by Joseph
Crosley Revolution

Crosley Revolution

One interesting aspect of the recent surge in popularity for vinyl LPs is how poor a fit they make with today’s all-portable, all-tiny technology. But the people at Crosley have somehow managed a portable record player that you can purportedly take almost anywhere – the Crosley Revolution portable USB turntable.

The Crosley Revolution takes up less space than a single LP, runs on four AA batteries, and has a USB port for digitizing records or for powering the device. There’s a headphone jack too, which means you can enjoy records in a uniquely warm and intimate aural setting. It’s also unparalleled in a couple of ways – as Crosley points out, it’s the “first battery-powered Crosley turntable and it’s the first with a platter smaller than a teacup saucer.”

Priced (as of this writing) at just $65 on Amazon here, the Crosley Revolution is also a pretty affordable solution for people who don’t want to spend three figures on a record player setup for their home. Just don’t try to go jogging with it, that would probably not end well.

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