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Creepy Crawlers Feature Film on the Way

by Joseph
Creepy Crawlers

Creepy Crawlers

I generally don’t like to report movie news on here, because there’s so much of it and God knows I don’t want to add to the deluge. But a recent Variety report is just too weird for me to pass up. The report says that Paramount has acquired film rights for Creepy Crawlers, the DIY toy molds you might remember from its commercials in the early 90s:

A Creepy Crawlers movie is clearly an attempt by Paramount to duplicate the success of other toy-based franchises, like the Transformers and GI Joe movies. There’s one big obstacle there, though: Those toys come with characters and narratives that can be adapted into big screen stories. Creepy Crawlers, on the other hand, is just a machine that makes little plastic bugs.

In any case, details are nil on what the eventual Creepy Crawlers movie will be like, or if it will even have a title beyond Creepy Crawlers. so stay tuned if you’re interested. Personally, I’m holding out for a Metal Molder movie, which I think would be way cooler.

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