Home Entertainment ‘Creed’ Trailer Mix Reimagines Film as 90s VHS Movie (Video)

‘Creed’ Trailer Mix Reimagines Film as 90s VHS Movie (Video)

by Joseph
Creed Trailer Mix

Creed Trailer Mix

It’s amazing what a little digital video effects and some well-selected music and voice over can do to change the feel of a movie. That’s the message behind Mashable‘s “Trailer Mix” series, the latest of which is a Creed Trailer Mix that makes last year’s popular favorite into a 1990s direct-to-video also-ran.

The Creed Trailer Mix uses footage from Creed as its starting point, but with plenty of distressing VHS visuals and some extremely cheesy narration, it starts to seems like a trailer you’d fast-forward through in order to get to the cheap horror or action movie you just bought at a garage sale. Fun!

You can watch this Creed Trailer Mix below, and since it’s a YouTube video you don’t even have to rewind it after you’re done. For more fun stuff from the Mashable Watercooler, check out their official channel on YouTube right here.

Here’s the trailer:

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