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Credit Card Chess Set by Innovo

by Joseph
Credit Card Chess Set

Credit Card Chess Set

All you really need to play chess is a grid and 32 pieces, which means there’s plenty of room for innovation in the field of chess sets. The people at Innovo have opted to go for miniaturization, for a piece they say is “arguably the world’s smallest commercial chess set.” It’s known, in order to put things in scale, as the Credit Card Chess Set. 

Casual chess fans may take issue with the fact that all the pieces in the Credit Card Chess Set are the same blue color, which might make play difficult for less proficient players. But let’s face it: You have to be a pretty passionate lover of chess in order to even think about playing chess like this while crammed next to your opponent on a bus or something, so self-selection will probably ensure it won’t be an issue.

Take a look at the Credit Card Chess Set here, where it’s priced at about $12.

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