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Creator: LA Burger Joint Features a Burger-Making Robot

by Joseph


What if when robots take over the world, it’s not by violent force a la The Terminator, but it’s by appealing to humanity’s irresistible love of quality cheeseburgers? Just a thought that occurred to me as I read up on Creator, a new LA restaurant with cheeseburgers made by caring metal hands. But please, don’t call the robot itself by that name:

“Creator isn’t the machine so much as it is the diner, the chef who uses the instrument, the dining experience, and the designers who created these robots. This inspiration struck in another kitchen, decades ago, and the same sense of duty to improve something as intimate as food and to improve it for everyone energized many others. We came together to create design values for what a dining experience could be and set the bar for what culinary instruments could do.”

That’s according to the official Creator website here, which probably does a more thorough job than I could in explaining how the whole thing works.


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