Home Entertainment Crailtap Brings the Funny in “Sh*t Sales Reps Say” (Video)

Crailtap Brings the Funny in “Sh*t Sales Reps Say” (Video)

by AnthonyP

shit sales reps say

The whole “Sh*t ___ Say” video meme appeared as though it had died out after the release of so many videos like “Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls”, “Sh*t Gamers Say”, “Sh*t Old People Say” and “Sh*t Asian People Say”.

Despite the fact that most of them were rather sexist, racist, or downright unfunny, it should be noted that some of them were actually funny, and the folks at Crailtap intend to bring back the funny with the release of “Sh*t Sales Reps Say.”

Neither bigoted nor unfunny, the video pokes fun at sales representatives in retail stores who say some of the most ridiculous things—funny, especially if you’re in sales.

“Rasta background, camo weed leaf.” We’re sold.

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