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Craftsman Pro Series Toolboxes Have Bluetooth Smart Locks

by Joseph
Craftsman Pro Series

Craftsman Pro Series

New from Craftsman is the Craftsman Pro Series of toolboxes. These toolboxes are typically sturdy joints from Craftsman, but they’re all outfitted with an extra-special technological feature that place them even further ahead of the toolbox curve: The Bluetooth Smart Lock.

As its name suggests, a Bluetooth Smart Lock is a lock that opens via smartphone, which means you won’t have to worry about some stranger getting a hold of your tools, as long as they’re locked up securely in your Craftsman Pro Series toolbox. Other features include ball-bearing drawer slides, pro-grade double wall construction, gas struts, toe lock-equipped casters, integrated power outlets, and it’s all covered by Craftsman’s signature lifetime warranty.

We all know that kind of quality doesn’t come cheap, and the Craftsman Pro Series toolboxes equipped with Bluetooth Smart Lock technology start at $700 at retailers like Sears, where you can do a little bit of online shopping right here.

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