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Craft Beer Candles From Cool Material

by Joseph
Craft Beer Candles

Craft Beer Candles

Beer is thought of primarily as a refreshing and drunk-making beverage, but true beer fans know the aromatic value of a good beer as well. It’s this value that goes into a new line of Craft Beer Candles by Cool Material, designed to replicate the distinctive smells of three different craft brews.

Those brews are Coffee Stout, West Coast IPA, and Juicy Pale Ale, all available now in scented candle form. Coffee Stout has the expected notes of coffee and chocolate, while the West Coast IPA will have your house smelling of floral and pine and the Juicy Pale Ale candle brings malt and citrus aromas to the table.

All three of the Cool Material Craft Beer Candles are available now from the CM online store here for $27.50 a piece. But that price doesn’t include all the extra beer you’re going to be buying in order to satisfy those candle-provoked cravings, so don’t forget to factor that in your purchasing decisions as well.

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