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1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Collection From Converse

by Joseph

COnverse 1970s Chuck Taylor All-Star Collection

The 70s are generally considered to be the heyday for Converse, as you could see cool people from all walks of life rocking pairs of Chuck Taylors all over the place. In celebration of that era comes the 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star collection, which at first glance is almost identical to the Chucks that ruled the world back in the 70s.

But the truth is these shoes are improvements over the old guard, with improved materials and construction. That makes these shoes more durable and comfortable than their 70s counterparts, while still retaining their classic look (which, let’s face it, is the most important part).

The collection, which will include a large variety of colors and styles, will begin rolling out later this year. Each pair is expected to carry a price tag between $70 and $85.

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