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Covair: Watches With Interchangeable Faces and Straps

by Joseph


In eras past, the only way to change up your watch game on a regular basis was to accumulate a growing collection of watches – which is fun and all, but it can get expensive. Now there’s a new watch brand that lets you exponentially increase your available watch options with a single “base,” through interchangeable faces and straps. It’s Covair, now collecting funds on Kickstarter.

The Covair watch is designed with quick-change straps, and faces that lock onto the watch with magnets and an O-ring lock. The actual 40mm timepiece itself has a Japanese quartz movement, and a “Starter Kit” available for pre-order now includes “the watch base, the Covair Tuxedo insert in white, the Covair Rover insert in grey, our genuine leather strap with quick-change clips in brown, our stainless steel bracelet with quick-change clips, and our NATO style strap in grey.”

Covair’s Kickstarter prospects are not looking great, but its campaign here still has about a month left to turn things around.  You can pre-order one of those Covair Starter Kits at a discount now, and if things work out there should be a lot more style options where that came from.

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