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Corvus Hopped Coffee: Cold-Brewed, Dry Hopped Coffee

by Joseph
Corvus Hopped Coffee

Corvus Hopped Coffee

Cold brew coffee is cool (so to speak), dry hopped coffee is cool, so it stands to reason that Corvus Hopped Coffee is double-plus extra cool. It’s a blend of citrus and chocolate flavors but, regrettably, no alcohol, from the Corvus Coffee Roasters.

Corvus Hopped Coffee is made under different conditions from the usual cold brewed coffee, brewed in 60 gallon beer fermenters and then dry hopped over the course of 17 hours. This process was developed through a partnership between multiple brewers in Denver (Coruvs’ hometown), and is billed as a ready-to-drink beverage right from the bottle.

Of course, verifying Corvus’ claims about their Corvus Hopped Coffee might be a bit tricky, since the coffee company doesn’t ship their cold brewed coffees. But if you are or are going to be in the Denver area, you might want to swing by the Corvus website here and place your order

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