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Corter Bomber Card: Wallet-Sized Comb and Bottle Opener

by Joseph
Corter Bomber Card

Corter Bomber Card

The list of things you might want to have handy whenever you go out isn’t that long, and if you can knock out two of them with something that doesn’t take up any more space than a credit card, you’re doing pretty well. The Corter Bomber Card lets you do just that, containing a comb and a bottle opener constructed out of stainless steel and designed to fit snugly in your wallet between credit cards.

More specifically, the Corter Bomber Card is CNC cut in 305 stainless steel, given an elegant, smooth finish, and rounded tines in the comb so you won’t have much luck using it to fend off an attacker. And each one comes in hand-stamped paper packaging, although you won’t be needing that once you transfer the card over to your wallet.

For more information on the made-in-Indiana Corter Bomber Card, head over to the Corter online store here, where it’s priced at $28.50.

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