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‘Corporate Warfare’: Art Series Shows Corporations as Nuclear Bombs (Pics)

by Joseph
Corporate Warfare

Hey man, what if, like, brands were actually bombs? No, seriously, what if they were? Wonder no more, thanks to artists Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster of design firm FORREAL, who have unveiled a new series of pictures that imagine what nuclear bombs might look like if they were designed by popular brands. It’s called Corporate Warfare.

The brands that have gone nuclear for Corporate Warfare include adidas, Google, McDonald’s, and DHL—and I have to admit, even as a diehard opponent of nuclear warfare, these particular nukes look pretty cool. Of course, they also aren’t real, so that makes them preferable to actual nukes as well, I suppose.

You can check out the four branded nuclear weapons of Corporate Warfare in the gallery below. And for more cool stuff from Simon, Schuster, and the rest of FORREAL, head over to the official FORREAL site right here.

Here’s the gallery:

Corporate WarfareCorporate WarfareCorporate WarfareCorporate Warfare

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