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CopScore: New Website Like Yelp, but for Cops

by Joseph


If you’ve been paying attention to current events lately you know that a lot of people out there are upset about a perceived lack of accountability for the law enforcement officers of the cities and towns of the United States. It’s enough to make a person wish there was a website out there where you could rate individual cops yourself, sort of like Yelp but for police officers. That’s the premise behind the new website CopScore.

CopScore lets users rate and comment cops they have experiences with, but to do so they need a lot of information in order to register offers in the system: Name, department, title, and in some cases, badge number. This has lead some to comment that the site is unfairly weighted towards negative reviews, as it’s unlikely that a satisfying encounter with a cop is going to end with a request for his or her badge number.

Whatever your opinion on the mechanics of CopScore, it’s a fascinating idea for a website, and one you can get more information on by heading to the CopScore website here. And remember to refer to it before your next arrest.

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