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‘Cooking with Beer’: A Guide to Sudsy Culinary Arts

by Joseph
Cooking with Beer

Cooking with Beer

Beer is largely best enjoyed as a beverage, but anybody who’s had a good beer-battered something or used it as a secret ingredient in a chili or stew knows the value of beer in the kitchen. Cooking with Beer, a new cookbook from Mark Dredge, takes that wisdom to a whole new level.

The book’s full title is Cooking with Beer: Use Lagers, IPAs, Wheat Beers, Stouts, and More to Create Over 65 Delicious Recipes, which gives you an idea of the thoroughness of the project. Highlights include recipes for a perfect “hangover brunch” and a PB&J profiterole that uses fruit beer, but the whole thing will serve to expand your horizons in the field of putting beer into stuff you eat.

You can order a copy of Cooking with Beer at Amazon here, where hardcover copies are currently priced at about $12.50. But be warned: Once you get hooked on beer recipes, it may be hard for you to prepare meals that don’t include beer as an ingredient.

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