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Cookie Cores: New Ben & Jerry’s Flavors Unveiled (Video)

by Joseph
Cookie Cores

Cookie Cores

Probably the most important lesson my dad drummed into my head when I was a kid was that “it’s never too cold for ice cream.” I’m especially fortunate to have taken that lesson to heart now, since it’s the dead of winter and Ben & Jerry’s just announced their new line of Cookie Core flavors.

The Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Core concept is a followup to the brand’s earlier Core line, which adds a generous column of good-tasting stuff like raspberry jam or caramel right to the center of the pint of ice cream. The Cookie Core, true to its name, makes that stuff into “crushed cookie butter” that, and I’m just guessing here, is probably delicious.

The Cookie Core line includes three introductory flavors: Boom Chocolatta!, Peanut Buttah, and Spectacular Speculoos. You can get more information from Ben & Jerry’s website here, although your only real course of action is to head to your local grocery store and get some of the stuff as soon as possible.

But if you’re just a glutton for punishment, you can also watch a video about the new Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Core flavors below. Try not to drool on your electronic devices:

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