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Conti Bier Unveils Cold-Activated Stripping Beer Cans (Video)

by Joseph
Conti Bier

Conti Bier

“It’s getting cold in here, so let’s take off our clothes” might seem like an illogical statement, but it’s the guiding principle behind the new beer cans from Conti Bier. Each can bears the image of a retro pin-up model whose clothes disappear when the can gets cold – truly an amazing use of modern technology.

Conti Bier’s cold-stripping pin-up girls aren’t totally naked under their clothes, so this is something that all but the most prudish families can enjoy – “Is my beer cold yet, son?” “Not quite, Dad, her clothes are still on!” Ah, those memories will last a lifetime, thanks to Conti Bier.

You can watch a short video about Conti Bier’s new stripping pin-up girl cans below. As for acquiring some of those cans for yourself, you might have to work a bit, since Conti Bier is a Brazilian beer brand without a lot of English-speaking market penetration – although that might change if these cans get enough attention.  You can check out their official site here.

Here’s the video:

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