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Constellation Umbrella From London Underground

by Joseph
Constellation Umbrella

Constellation Umbrella

When it’s raining, there are clouds in the sky. And when there are clouds in the sky, you can’t see the stars. Those aren’t David Bowie lyrics but instead the rationale for the Constellation Umbrella from London Underground, which has an interior constellation pattern for your viewing pleasure when the weather is too wet for actual stargazing.

I don’t imagine too many people would spend a lot of time staring up into the inside of the Constellation Umbrella in the rain, but it’s still a pretty cool design, with Northern Hemisphere constellations printed on the inside. It’s a nice umbrella for other reasons, too, with a handle crafted from a single piece of maple, and a silver Ferrule tip.

The London Underground Constellation Umbrella is also built to last, which is part of why it costs about $235 at the London Underground online store right here. It’s sold out as of this writing but stay tuned for a restock hopefully in the near future.

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