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“Connected Whopper”: New Burger King Ad Hijacks Google Devices (Video)

by Joseph
Connected Whopper

Connected Whopper

It’s been less than two weeks since Burger King unveiled Whopper Toothpaste, and now they’re trolling everybody with a voice-activated Google device (as well as Google itself) with a new advertisement. It’s called the “Connected Whopper,” but what it really is is a commercial that activates your phone to ask Google about the chain’s signature sandwich.

Basically, the “Connected Whopper” is a 15-second ad that ends with the pitchman saying the magic words – “O.K. Google, what is the Whopper burger?” Users of  Google Home know that that will cause the device to start reading out the Wikipedia page for the Whopper, a fact that has also drawn Wikipedia into Burger King’s machinations, since the page is now reportedly on lockdown due to vandals encouraged and/or annoyed by the commercial.

If you want to be annoyed too, you can watch the “Connected Whopper” spot below. But you should know that Google has already somehow put the kibosh on the ad’s ability to voice-activate its Google Home enabled devices – your move, BK.



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