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Confirmed: The New Sneaker Reservation App From adidas

by Joseph
adidas Confirmed

adidas Confirmed

The process of camping out and waiting in line in order to get a pair of a particularly coveted high-demand sneaker release is a familiar one to devoted sneakerheads. But it’s become a lot less headache inducing thanks to adidas, which recently unveiled Confirmed, a new app that simplifies the process just in time for Kanye West’s upcoming sneaker collaboration with the brand.

Confirmed will alert you whenever the adidas releases of your choice are available for reservation. Then you can reserve a pair in your size at a store near you, go to that store, pay, and pick up your sneakers, without any camping out or fisticuffs necessary. It could be a game-changer for sneaker releases, and it will be the official platform for Kanye’s adidas project, whenever that finally comes out.

The adidas Confirmed app will roll out next week in New York City only (leading to reports that Kanye’s adidas collaboration will be hitting shelves during New York Fashion Week), but other cities will be included after that. For more information, head over to the extensive article on the launch of the app at the Forbes website here.

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