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Concrete Desk Set From Areaware

by Joseph
Concrete Desk Set

Concrete Desk Set

If you’re sitting at a desk right now, take a look around. See any concrete? Unless your desk is at a concrete factory (or maybe a construction site), probably not, but the folks at Areaware have used America’s Favorite Quick-Hardening Substance to craft the Concrete Desk Set, which can handle all of your office staples with the durability of what they build skyscrapers with.

The Concrete Desk Set doesn’t handle actual staples, but it does include a pencil holder, multipurpose tray, and tape dispenser, all made from concrete. Even if you’re unlikely to encounter office conditions that necessitate this kind of heavy-duty strength, the concrete construction means you don’t have to worry about them blowing around on your desk – plus, all three items would make good paperweights.

You can order your own Areaware Concrete Desk Set from online retailers like this one, where it’s priced at just a little under $50.

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