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Concrete Cufflinks From Konzuk

by Joseph
Concrete Cufflinks

Concrete Cufflinks

If you’re looking for a pair of cufflinks that would make Lonnie Thompson Lincoln proud, consider the new Concrete Cufflinks from Konzuk. Concrete, of course, is not a material that easily lends itself to something like a small pair of cufflinks, which is why these are also made from stainless steel, with a unique pool of ‘crete in the center.

That concrete can be engraved or personalized in order to make your pair of Concrete Cufflinks even more unique and special to you. I suppose you could even take some sidewalk chalk to it, if you can find a small enough piece.

Anyway, you can order a pair of Konzuk Concrete Cufflinks from the brand’s official online store right here, where the novel piece is currently priced at $170. If you’re on the fence about buying, you may also be interested to know that 50 percent of proceeds from the cufflinks are being donated to the Movember Foundation through the month of November.

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